Manufacturing of DNV skips

GLOBAL SOLUTION specialises, among other things, in the design of tailor made skips and containers.

We manufacture all types of containers to various standards

  • Mud skip
  • Boat skips
  • Basket containers (all sizes)
  • Tote tank
  • DNV Containers all types (5, 10, 20, 40 feet)
  • Container interior fittings to specification

All types of treatment: galvanising, painting

All these products are designed, shipped and put into operation as quickly as possible on different continents.

Mud skip

Mud skip

Bennes bateau

Boat skips

Containers Basket

Basket containers

Tote tank

Tote tank

Containers DNV

DNV Containers

Aménagement intérieur bennes et containers

Container interior fittings

Benne DNV pétrole
Benne DNV pétrole
Benne DNV pétrole